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Stone Products - PALISADES

A palisade is a wooden or stone fence or wall of variable height, used as a defensive structure. Often, a palisade would be constructed around a landscape as an astounding fencing. Typical construction consists of small or midsized blocks of stones aligned vertically, with no spacing in between. The height of a palisade can range from a few feet or more to nearly six feet.

Stone Products -PALISADES Stone Products -PALISADES Stone Products -PALISADES
Grey-Brown Multi Pink-1 Tint Mint
  • Finish:

    Both sides natural split surface finish

  • Size:

    Any combination of sizes in particular series

    • Series 1: 70x35x15, 100x35x15, 120x35x15, 150x35x15, 180x35x15 cms

    • Series 2: 70x25x10, 100x25x10, 120x25x10, 150x25x10, 180x25x10 cms

  • Packing Specifications:

    • Packing on flat wooden pallets, easy operation by fork lift

    • No. of Pcs. Per pallet: 4-12, depending on size

    • No. of pallets per container: 20-26, depending on size

    • Weight:

      • Roughly 140 Kg. per linear meter for Series-1

      • Roughly 67 Kg. per linear meter for Series-2

    • Quantity: One 20' container weighing 25-26 MT gross will contain:

      • Roughly 175-185 linear meter for Series-1

      • Roughly 370-385 linear meter for Series-2

  • Available Stones:

    • Sandstone (All sandstone colors except Teak, Rainbow, Fossil)

    • Limestone (Grey, Black)


Stone Onyx

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