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Umang Stone International is committed to providing the best service possible to its clientele, no matter what. How do we do it? Here is some expertise that we think set us apart.

Perfection is guaranteed.
We have an in-house designed three stage quality control system which does not leave any room for mistakes or carelessness..

  • We manufacture world-class products, producing slabs, tiles, cut-to-size projects and mosaics in Granite, Marble, Slate, Quartzite, Sandstone and Limestone.

  • We package our materials with the utmost care.

  • We provide all options of finishes in stone.

  • We handle everything from order to delivery.

  • Quality & satisfaction 100% guaranteed 

  • Any finish, any stone, any size

Timely Delivery of Stones. 
Delivery is one most important aspect of export of Stones our business & therefore we carry more than 100 containers of stock in Granite, Sandstone & limestone to make timely delivery to our customers specially at the time of monsoon weather, raw material shortage or any other unforeseen situations

Believe in Right Information & Strong Commitment
Since all our products are Natural Stone, we strongly believe in providing right & more information of products in terms of availability, color appearance, size & at any adverse situation we have always fulfill our commitment. Because of these we have satisfied customers in Belgium, England, Ireland, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Arab nations.

Importance of Suppliers Relations: 
Strong business relationships with suppliers enable us to avoid the problems that often arise in foreign negotiations as a result of language or cultural differences. Our experienced operations and marketing professionals believe in good communications with the customer so that they know the status of each order. So by integrating with our suppliers we achieve improved performance and cost savings and offer our customers a solid support service and quality product at competitive prices.

We provide all kinds of Natural Stone from India
We specialized & strong into Sandstone & Granite. Apart from these we able to produce other stones Marble, Slate, Limestone, and Quartzite to our customers demand along with the same great guarantee.
Exclusive material continually sought and supplied.
It takes great effort to rise above the rest and Umang Stone International takes that challenge seriously. We constantly are on the lookout for highly sought-after and exclusive colors & options.

Guarantees timely shipments and the lowest freight rates.
We have signed volume freight contracts with shipping lines and enjoy regular container availability, which helps ensure economical and timely shipments on the world's best freight liners.

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Contact Person : Mr. Sita Ram Mangal (Chairman)
:403, Sapphire Jagan Plaza , Jai Singh Highway ,Tulsi Marg, Banipark,Jaipur - 302016 , India
Email : ,  , Website :
Phone : +91-141- 2329782 / 2207786 |  Fax : +91-141- 2207786 |  Mobile : +91-9414044481

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