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Upper Primary School Satra, Dist. Bundi Rajasthan,INDIA, 29th March 2013

After many years importing stone from Rajasthan TheStoneCentre decided it was time to give something back. We thought long and hard about this and realised the best way would be to help the children in the rural areas surrounding the mines that have supplied us over the years, and so we decided to donate a pair of computers along with Internet access to a couple of small impoverished government run schools in the Bundi area. As a trusted supplier with excellent contacts in the local community we approached Umang Stone International to assist us which they were more than happy to do.

So we purchased 2 PCs that would be suitable and on Friday the 29th of March myself and Jatin Jain (employee of Umang Stone) set off from Jaipur to the Bundi area to the chosen schools. When we arrived at Government Upper Primary School Satra, dist. Bundi we were greeted by the headmaster and a couple of the pupils. They seemed very happy to be receiving the donation and I felt very satisfied that the computers were going to a very good cause. With the help of Jatine we set up the computer and made sure they were working. I was then honoured with a gala of flowers by the headmaster of the school before discussing how the PCs would help the children in their education and broaden their horizons. The headmaster then invited us to his home for tea which was very pleasant.

I would like to thank both Sitaram Mingal (director of Umang Stone International) and Jatin Jain whom without this wouldn't have been possible. We look forward to hearing from the schools as to how the computers are being put to good use.

Many thanks
Ben Sanderson,

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