Starting as Small time miners in the year 1985 to becoming large-scale organized natural exporters, we have come a long way with infinite milestones yet to accomplish. Umang Stone International has consistently, round the clock, looked upon enhancing the processing techniques, embracing the uniqueness of the stone, and most notably, building the quality product. It’s the uniqueness and hearty warmth of the natural stone that makes us, adding the new variety and diversify our stone collection. So that we can offer something antique yet simple to the world. At the movement, we bless with eight natural stone quarries of Sandstone & Granite, a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, spread over an area of 4,00,000 sqft, and a combined experience of over 100 years. Currently, USI is exporting its product line to the most demanding markets and discerning clientele across the world, to the countries such as United States, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, France, NZ, S Korea, Australia, Muscat, Singapore, Dubai… We have a notion that stone brings soul to a décor. Following this, we are always in awe of admiring the beauty of a natural stone- its veins, tones, swirls… It’s just simply the wonder of Mother Nature.


We at Umang Stone International want to be a process and system driven organization, committed to providing high quality stone products to the world and be best in class customer service. Our mission is to be a one stop source, based on the principles of respect, responsibility, trust, transparency and teamwork.


Our Vision is to excel in everything we do. We always aim to Continuously innovate and develop our products, systems, processes, services to ultimately have a satisfied customer base, create value for the stakeholder and have a motivated and qualified staff.

Quality Standards

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QUALITY — Quality and Value has always been the hallmark for USI. We assure the commitments towards shipping the top-notch quality material to our esteemed customers.
PIONEERS– Being on the first exporters of natural stone… The company has got vast experience and professional expertise in natural stone, which gives our clients an exceptional value.
PUNCTUALITY– Our innovative dual production line, high volume, and exclusive contacts with miners give us an edge on providing on-time shipment deliveries to our customers.
SATISFACTION— USI has set quality standards, which makes our product look and feel exceptional. The excellent quality served by Umang stone, keeps the clients satisfied and content.
INTEGRITY & TRUST–We strongly believe in professionalism, honesty & moral principles… they have always been an integral part of USI. It made us build trust and high values with our valued customers.

Hence, we are more productive and motivated at work.

Customer Satisfaction
Quality Control
Global Reach
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