Blue Limestone


Kota Blue Limestone is a lovely bluish-green stone that can be used to adorn the facades of your buildings and other structures. In comparison to other limestones of similar origin, Kota Blue limestone has gained popularity for its most elegant appearance. The surface of Kota Blue Limestone Paving is flat and uniform. Kota blue limestone paving is well suited to both contemporary and traditional designs due to its sawn edges and consistent colour. Kota Blue Limestone’s versatility, combined with its mechanical strengths, resistance to pollution, and range of eye-catching finishes and effects, makes it the ideal contemporary architectural and building medium.

Its ease of maintenance distinguishes it from other stones in the same family. For centuries, Kota blue limestone has been the material of choice for the construction of prestige buildings all over the world. Blue limestone from Kota The combination of colours and textures, in the hands of a skilled architect, designer, or mason, can bring the most mundane structure to life or produce stunning variations with the textures. Kota Blue Limestone tiles can be used effectively on both interior and exterior walls and floors.

The slabs are extremely durable and are ideal for use in high-traffic areas of the home as well as areas where stain resistance is required. Hand-cut slabs, cobbles, and other landscaping elements are available in Kota Blue Limestone. Kota Blue limestone is one of India’s most popular limestones and is commonly used for both interiors and exteriors. Because of its exceptional strength, it is invariably used in the majority of commercial projects throughout the country.



Blue Limestone