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Changi International Airport (Singapore)

Year- 2017

Quantity- 200,000 sqft

Material Type – Deoli Green

Stone Name – Slate

If you enjoy travelling, The Jewel in Singapore’s Changi airport must be yet another exciting experience you’ve never had before. The architect designed the Jewel’s architecture using a fusion of the natural world and the modern world, bringing the idea of Singapore meeting the rest of the world. It’s lava stone that is dark. The infamous The HSBC Rain Vortex is next to the Indonesia black lava stone in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore, notably in the claddings of Shisedo Forest Valley. This gorgeous wall cladding design collaborates with the luxuriant green refuge. 

Material Supplied

Royal Prince of Oman (Muscat)

Year- 2019

Quantity- 55,000 sqft

Material Type- Sandstone and Granite

Stone Name- Raj Green, The Muscat Royal Opera House is a cultural treasure trove, extends an invitation to all for a lavish evening out. Regular musical events are held in The Opera House, with a focus on traditional Omani music.
Raj Green Sandstone is an assortment of pale green tones with undertones of brown, buff, and plum. It resembles traditional York stone and has a softly riven surface, is ideal for traditional landscape designs. A high-end, yellow granite from north India is called Crystal Yellow Granite. It has an aesthetically pleasing shiny yellow surface with black dots. The main factors that have increased demand for crystal yellow Granite slab in international markets are its attractive patterns and appealing texture.

Residential Project (England)

Year- 2021

Quantity- 15,000 sqft

Materia Type- Sandstone

Stone Name- Kandla Grey

Construction of homes, apartment complexes, and even bigger multi-storey high rise buildings are all considered to be residential projects. The majority of homes in England are constructed using brick or stone from the local area. In different parts of the nation, stones and bricks are different colours. The most popular sandstone patio slab on the UK market is Kandla Grey. Its delicate grey colour scheme makes it the ideal accent for any project without overpowering the room with colour. Both the exterior and interior of a structure can be made fascinating by using a grey coloured hard stone with a visible consistency. This particular stone is ideal for gardening areas, pathways, and poolside due to its unique physical and chemical composition and qualities.