What actually is sandstone?

Sandstone is sand-sized grains of mineral, rock, or organic material that have a great strength and durability. In addition to its properties, it even includes a cementing substance that holds the sand grains together and also has a matrix of particles the size of silt or clay that fills the voids left by the sand grains. Sandstone is one of the versatile options with great strength and reliability. The qualities of sandstone are perfect for choosing it as a paving option.


The different finishes in which the sandstone is available is something which makes it distinct. The two finishes available with sandstone paving are- Smooth and Riven.  Smooth finishing is actually very beautiful and great for the areas that do not see a lot of foot-falls. It has been machine worked once split for main paving rock. Riven finishing is perfect for outdoor use and areas receiving a lot of foot traffic. Riven texture is when the slab is split from the main paving rock, leaving ridges in the paving surface.