Kandla Grey

Sandstone is clastic in nature and is created from cemented grains. It is made through two basic processes: layer accumulation from sedimentation and compaction under pressure. Kandla grey sandstone stands out when it comes to choosing a unique sandstone that meets many outdoor home décor and construction purposes. Both the exterior and interior of a structure can be made fascinating by using a gray-colored hard stone with a discernible consistency. This particular stone is ideal for gardening areas, walks, and poolside due to its unique physical and chemical composition and qualities. This stone can be used to build sturdy floors and is frost resistant. This stone product is easily shaped into a different shape by being chiselled and polished into a smooth surface. The use of this stone in construction is ideal since it is resistant to acids, alkalis, and salinity.

An overview of Kandla grey sandstone

  • Location : Rajasthan
  • Production : 5000 Metric ton
  • Block size : Cutter Block size
  • Height : 4feet
  • Length : Upto 4 feet
  • Gangsaw size : Height Upto 10feet, length Upto 10 feet