Indian Autumn

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White Slate

Indian Autumn Slate, also known as Autumn Mist or simply “Autumn Slate Stone,” is a lovely buff-beige slate with bright orange and red dot-like patterns on a light background. Indian Autumn slate is primarily beige and sand in colour, but it can also have charcoal clouds, gold spots, and hints of rose. We typically stock large quantities of one of our most popular colours around the world. With its exceptional durability and character, Indian Autumn slate can breathe new life into any lifeless environment. Indian Autumn slate tiles and slabs are suitable for both interior and exterior applications due to their vibrant colours and distinct textures. They usually have a lot of differences between the pieces quarried from the same pit.

Slate used for flooring is chemical-free and thus allergy-free because it is quarried from the earth. Best of all, it will not burn! Natural stone has been the most popular building material throughout history. Its timeless elegance and long-lasting durability made it suitable for a wide range of applications for European, Egyptian, and Asian royalty. Natural stone preserves the legacies of kingdoms, families, businesses, and nations even today. Indian Autumn Slate slabs and tiles have a beautiful colour, smooth texture, and perfect finish, giving them a royal touch. These tiles exude elegance and sophistication and are ideal for flooring and countertops.




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