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Green Slate

The wonderful aquamarine feel of Ocean Green Slate, also known as Ocean Slate, can captivate anyone’s attention and relentlessly tempt him to have the stone installed near him. The surface of the Ocean Green Slate contains some quartz crystals, which become visible when honing and give the stone its uniqueness. Its colour is mostly greenish grey, but it can also be metallic rust, greys, and oranges. It is a slate that should only be used for interior and exterior wall cladding. Because of their vibrant colours and distinct texture, Ocean Green slate tiles and slabs are ideal for interior applications.

Ocean Green Slate is a slate stone family that has a three-dimensional appearance after honing and polishing. After polishing, it will create a visual illusion of the depth of the ocean with a wave pattern surrounded mystically by clouds of gold, grey, or bronze. The honed version is also less colourful (fewer greens, yellows, and so on), but it does have more gold, rust, and silver grey clouds. This slate is appropriate for any interior application (both residential and commercial), but not for exterior installations other than wall claddings.




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