Pink Slate

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Pink Slate

Pink Slate is a lovely slate with light to dark pink tones and hints of light grey. The wavy pattern that runs across its surface adds to its allure. This stone’s pink colour is the colour of love, romance, and pleasure, it can easily transform any environment and make it more lively and eye-pleasing. The Pink slate range is available in various forms such as tiles, slabs, blocks, and so on, and can be used for a variety of construction purposes such as walling, flooring, and so on.

Pink slate is a stone that will enchant and enthral you for a lifetime, according to lovers of beauty. When pink is pure, the beauty it creates and spreads is unparalleled. Pink slate can transform any space into something heavenly and peaceful. Pink Slate has light and dark pink shades, and its true beauty is revealed after it has been honed. The inner pink waves and patterns that emerge from within the context are visually appealing.



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