River White

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River White Granite Slabs, Tiles, Steps, Risers, Countertops, Blocks, Monuments, Window Sills, Wall Cladding & Flooring Imported from India, New River White offers a great deal of variation, making it a dramatic and dynamic addition to any living space. In fact, while other granites may feature mineral deposits similar to New River White’s crimson accents, only this color has them in such magnificent abundance.

Therefore, choosing cabinets which highlight this quality is the best way to showcase New River White countertops. White cabinets are an obvious choice when it comes to complementing New River White, but darker cabinets also provide appealing contrast. River White Granite white colored granite found mainly in the Indian state of Karnataka. This stone contains grey colored veins like patterns and large amount of dark red mineral deposits spread throughout the stone. Its elegant white color looks very good and is one of the most popular granite of India.

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