Quality Management

Quality Management through ``CAPTORS``

C – Commitment
A – Approach
P – Planning
T – Team Work
O – Organization
R – Raw Material
S – System (ISO – 9001)

It is understood at the lowest organizational levels and is reevaluated on a regular basis during Management Review conferences. At Umang Stone, we strive for business excellence by consistently raising the bar for our products and repairs while assuring the needs of our customers. The Quality Policy was developed with the Organization’s goal in mind, which is to prepare for the Quality of our product, make sure it meets requirements, and continuously enhance the efficiency of the QMS. Measurable Quality Objectives for the Umang Stone may be established in accordance with the Quality Policy. To guarantee the highest quality to our customers, we constantly work to regulate and monitor our process.

We adhere to a number of quality standards and procedures that ensure premium products. Umang Stone’s quality control process is completed effectively, ensuring that the top product given to regional and international consumers is of the highest caliber.

Creative Applications

For a variety of diverse uses, we at Umang Stone create a number of innovative products. We produce the cleanest and best talc on the market thanks to our nice and highly effective purifying and manufacturing procedures.

Quality Management system

High quality control standards are used at every stage to set the bar for outstanding results. Our highly effective quality management system, which goes without saying, ensures that the products produced by our cluster are of the highest caliber.


We believe we attempt for the most level of client satisfaction and thereby we’ve obtained all necessary certification that assures the shoppers for our product. This certification is finished for guaranteei

ng the most effective quality services. process units in hand by Umang Stone area unit ISO 9001:2015 Certified. The ultimate product offered a unit of prime notch quality. Here the fashionable techniques area unit practiced for the refinement of the raw materials. It ensures the upkeep of the excellence and consistency of that area unit, the foremost necessary and crucial part of the skilled and company culture.