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Pool & Coping Stone

Coping is the material that is installed over the top of the pool shell’s “bond beam” (the upper portion of the wall) which is usually natural stone or various types of concrete. This is where the pool structure meets the decking. Coping is typically installed in a 12-inch swath around the pool’s perimeter and around the spa.

Coping protects the pool structure by separating the swimming pool shell from the surrounding surface area. The cover is intended to keep water from getting behind the pool shell, and if properly installed, splashed water should flow away from the pool and down into nearby drains.

Swimming pool coping stones are the finishing touch for any wall and can vary in size and style to suit the wall on which they will be installed. Basic coping stones will be square in shape, with drip grooves on the underside and a pencil-round profile on the top edges. Drip grooves direct rainwater to the floor rather than running along the underside of the coping stones and down the face of the wall. Rounding the corners with a pencil will keep them from chipping. Umang Stone International manufactures pool copings and can create bespoke copings with curves or intricate details to your specifications.

Pool coping is typically designed with a graceful outward slant. It is typically made of stone, concrete, or a composite material. Metal and wood options are available, but they tend to deteriorate in the moist pool environment. As a result, they require more attention, investment, and upkeep.

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