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CNC is an abbreviation for computer numerical control. All you have to do is load the tombstone design into the CNC router machine’s computer using CAM software. The router will faithfully replicate the design by engraving the stone with multiple passes to achieve depth.

Stone CNC machines are automatic power tools with computer numerical control that are used for stone machining by hobbyists or commercial users. Stone CNC machines can carve, engrave, cut, and polish marble, granite, artificial stone, tombstones, and ceramic tiles.

CNC stone cutting is a technique in which computers control the movements of a cutting tool. This enables the cutting of intricate designs into stone without the use of manual labour. Because one skilled operator can run several machines at once, this type of machining requires fewer machine operators. Because the CNC is so precise, it reduces manufacturing errors and eliminates unnecessary waste.

There are these following types of CNC machines:

  •         CNC Lathes and Turning Machines.
  •         CNC Milling Machines.
  •         CNC Laser Machines.
  •         CNC Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM)
  •         CNC Plasma Cutting Machines.

We use cutting-edge CNC technology to ensure a flawless machine-finished result every time. With your local marble and granite specialists, you can get precisely sized worktops, fireplace surrounds, and vanity tops. We source high-quality stone from reputable suppliers and offer a wide range of colours and styles. All stone is cut to your exact specifications. We use in-house CNC technology to ensure consistent, high-quality results.

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