Rainbow Round Corner Bench

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Ball & Benches

A decorative stone ball represents opulence and perfection. It is expertly carved from solid stone. Because it is richly polished and has a high gloss finish, it catches everyone’s attention. Garden ornamental balls (spherical stone objects) are used to energise outdoor architecture.

Interestingly, stone balls provide a distinct appearance and exact contrast to plants, lawns, shrubs, and trees. Such lovely ornaments are appropriate for paved areas, courtyards, lawns, and gravel. A stone ball defines a large landscape or a small courtyard garden and is ideal for remodelling walls. Stone balls made of sandstone, granite, and marble are supplied and exported by us.

Umang Stone International produces colourful stone balls in accordance with industrial quality standards. The natural stone exporter in India offers high-quality decorative products at reasonable prices to international markets. B2B buyers can choose between ready-made and custom-sized natural stone balls.

Stone furniture is an excellent way to furnish a garden, landscape, or open space. Garden stone benches in engraved, straight, curved, craved, mesh back, and animal legged shapes provide relaxing and enjoyable comfort in a garden. Stone benches, which are frequently used for decoration, also provide a comfortable place to sit. Stone garden bench furniture can be used in any interior or exterior design and complements all types of architecture.

Natural stone benches are laid out in the garden to enjoy nature and comfort. Benches are made of high-quality stones to provide users with long-lasting service. Umang Stone International manufactures sandstone garden benches. The company offers sandstone benches at reasonable prices. Premium-quality stone benches are accurate to the last decimal point. In India, the company is a leading supplier of garden sandstone benches. Every year, it exports hundreds of shipping containers all over the world.

We provide B2B customers with high-quality benches for landscaping, lawns, and garden areas. The following are some of the benefits of purchasing natural stone benches from Umang Stone:

  •         Premium quality, well-designed structure.
  •         Comfort and style with customised fabrication.
  •         Available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  •         Competitive pricing and on-time delivery.

·          High satisfaction and systematic packaging.

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