Kaddapa Black

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This limestone is generally utilized in business and private development projects all around the world since it is effortlessly cut and reshaped. This stone is impervious to a wide range of climate, including frigid temperatures, singing intensity, and weighty downpour. Besides, dark lime is hard, solid, and non-slip. Due to these qualities, it is an optimal material for giving a cutting edge, contemporary completion to your home.
Black limestone is an exceptionally famous limestone that is extremely dull charcoal grayish dark in variety to accomplish a Cutting edge seeing deck with straight sawn edges to add the wow factor.

Some benefits of using black limestone are:
The ideal blend of natural shades. Lime black slab is the ideal combination of black and charcoal shades.

  •         High compressive strength.
  •         Good rupture modulus.
  •         Product finish.
  •         Natural essence.
  •         Energetic atmosphere.
  •         Works well with the existing design idea.
  •         Longevity.

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