Jhansi Red

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Jhansi Red granite has red flower like structure with bluish grey crystals dispersed on its surface. Jhansi Red Granite is suitable for interior and exterior decors of any kind of construction.
These tiles are hugely used in flooring, facades, kitchen counters and tabletops, due to coarse grained and evenly granular texture. Jhansi Red tiles are very famous for their vibrant color, durability, exclusive finish and polish. They are perfectly grained and are highly resistant to stain and have a non-slippery texture.
Due to this property they are preferably used in interiors and exteriors. Jhansi Red granite tiles offer rich color which gives special and stylish looks to any construction project. This granite tile is mostly used for both domestic and commercial purpose especially for counter-tops, kitchen-tops, table-tops and walls and flooring. They are well known for its strength, stylishness and durability. These granite tiles offer an elegant look to the interior and exterior decoration and building.

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